And here are some ear templates. Cut one out, hold it against your ear (curved part goes along the back edge of your ear, the weird smaller bulbous thingy goes in front of your ear on the side of your cheek. If it needs adjustment, retrace and repeat until it fits correctly. Then cut 2 out of craft foam and heat form them using tongs and a lighter or some other open flame. (Be careful with this part!!!) Lightly singe the edges so they’re not squared. Paint the ears grey. Attach them to your head with spirit gum and use liquid latex and tissue to blend them into your skin. Wait for the latex to dry, apply powder to remove tackiness, and paint over them with your grey makeup. (I use clothespins and a headband to hold the ears onto my earlobes and temples respectively while the spirit gum is drying.) Can be removed with spirit gum remover. I strongly suggest shaving your sideburns before using these because if you don’t there’s no guarantee that the spirit gummed ear will come off your head cleanly and without pain.

Here are examples of me wearing these two ears:

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