Hey ! so I was looking through your posts and tutorials and I was wondering if you could help me ? I'm a girl cosplayer and sometimes I cosplay male characters, but my cosplays don't look so nice because I don't use make up and I don't have a chest binder ): and I'm going to cosplay one of my favourites characters and I want it to look perfect ! Can you help me or give me some tips about make up/binders ? Thank you <3

I reeeeally don’t feel comfortable answering this but. As far as makeup goes, this tutorial seems pretty thorough, and if you do want to invest in a binder, I recommend getting one from underworks. If you DON’T want to invest in a binder, here’s some other tips. But also know that not passing perfectly won’t invalidate your cosplay, just as it doesn’t invalidate people’s gender.

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